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The Cause of Sore Muscles

It is a common human complaint their muscles, joints and connective tissues ache as you age. Why? As we grow older, our muscles lose their flexibility an ability to handle stress. Most people who aren’t active usually loss their flexibility as they grow older. Thus, their muscles ache when put to work.
What is flexibility? Flexibility is the range of a joint’s motion in full movement from one direction to another. The more flexible the joint, the greater the range of movement for the joint.

But what makes up joints? Connective tissue includes tendons, ligaments and fasciae. Tendons connect muscle to bone while ligaments connect bones to bone and fasciae covers and connects muscles. These tissues are usually the source of your problems with your muscles.

If you lose your flexibility, this pain is not the muscles or the joints themselves, but the muscles and connective tissues that move the joints. You can lose your flexibly if you do not move your muscles and joints in full ranges of motions on a daily basis.

Sore muscles can also be caused by other factors. One such factor is too much exercise. By working your muscles overtime, you are ignoring your muscles needs. The joints are strained, and in order to make them flexible, you should stretch your muscles after every work out.

Immobility can also cause sore muscles. This pain can be extreme and is caused by your body’s reaction to moving a dormant and constricted muscle causing it to cramp. This sudden reflex causes the connective tissue around the muscle to contract and cramp up.

Age can also cause muscle soreness. When you age, your connective tissues become less flexible. It’s just a fact of life that your joints stiffen. Also, increased inactivity can cause your joints and muscles to be sore. As said before, you should stretch to be sure to relieve the pressure off the connective tissues. Most pains are the result of nerve impulses due to stress.

Another reason is the spasm theory that explains why muscles cramp up for no obvious cause or reason. If a muscle is overworked or in a strange position, it will fatigue and cramp up.

All in all, you should stretch your muscles every day. In order to take care of your body and your joints, you need to ensure that your connective tissues can reach their full range of motion. If you stop doing this, soon your body will become inactive and sore muscles can potentially plague you for life.


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