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Magnificent Training Tips for Running

Running efficiently and regularly is a good way to build up your stamina. You must have a personal record to keep a track of all your improvements. A proper running journal will help you document your progress and motivate you to perform better.
Tips To Help You In Running Better

Below are certain running tips to help you run better:

  • Avoid hard and rocky surfaces while running. Run more on grassy trails and dirt roads. Make sure that the surface you choose to run absorbs more shock than your feet does.
  • If you are in the habit of running at night, you must wear reflective clothing. Also make sure you avoid busy streets and run facing the traffic.
  • Make running a habit. Map out a proper routine and stick to it.
  • You can feel some kind of soreness. This is common. But if you experience sharp pain, then consult a doctor or your coach before carrying on.
  • Running on the hills, to a great extent, will help in strengthening your legs and ankles. If you do not live in a hilly area, you can use the treadmill or stairs.
  • Do not go over the top. Be slow and steady in your running schedule.
  • Also, if you find running alone boring, you can tag along with a friend or partner.

About Running Injuries

The best way to treat running injuries is to use the RICE treatment. This includes Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. You must apply ice as much as possible on the injured area. Ice, compression, and elevation go a long way toward reducing any kind of pain or swelling. A hot compress works only after the swelling goes off. You can also use hot and cold compresses, alternating with each other. Avoid running with injury. Take off till you recover fully. Spread your off days wisely.

If you are running after a brief rest period, you must not stress yourself too much. Do not try running with the same intensity as you have been doing before you were injured. It’s okay. Everyone has a lull period. You need not be disheartened if you do not perform as well as you did before. With a little training, you can bounce back to form easily.

Every runner is accustomed to the terrible side stitch. It is an abrupt sharp pain in the side of the upper abdomen, which is caused by a spasm of the diaphragm. The pain usually subsides soon if you rest a little. But even while running, you can make it go away by controlling your breathing. You must inhale and exhale noisily and suddenly.

You can easily enhance your performance by following these basic training tips. Also you must take proper care in case of any injury.


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