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How to Perform Perfect Pushups

Performing push-ups is a very beneficial exercise. It not only strengthens your body including your abs, shoulders, chest and triceps but it also makes your body look smart and beautiful. You don’t have to join a training program nor need any equipment to perform push-ups. The only thing that you will need is a plain and solid surface.
How to do Push-ups:-

Just follow these simple steps if you want to know the right way of performing pushups.

Warm Up: It is important to ask your doctor if your medical condition is alright for starting a new exercise. If your doctor gives you a green signal then you can move on. It is very important to warm up before starting the exercise. Warming up decreases greatly the risk of getting injured involved in performing pushups. Warm ups increase the heart rate of your body and it prepares your muscles for performing push ups. Warm ups include lifting, stretching, jogging, pushing pulling etc. Before performing pushups make sure to stretch your hands and wrists as your hands play the most significant role in performing this exercise.

Finding the right surface: Find a solid plain surface that has the tendency to support your body weight. It is better if the floor has carpet on it. Keep both of your feet together and lie your self down on the surface with your face downwards and your back upwards and then stretch your legs.

Pushing Up: Make fists with your palms and position under yourself. Keep the distance between the fists equal to the width of your shoulders. Now start pushing your self upwards. Keep your body straight while pushing up and don’t curve your body. Remember that you should always perform pushups with your fists. Do not do pushups with your palms as in this condition your wrists are positioned in a very unnatural manner which can cause serious pain in your wrists.

Lowering Down: Lower yourself down in the same manner as you pushed your self up. Inhale the air while lowering yourself downwards. Keep your elbows close to your body as it makes the exercise more difficult with a better output.

Do it again: Repeat the whole process again and again for as long as you can. As you will gain strength you will be able to perform more pushups.

Types of Pushups:

Overall, I have seen more than 19 types of pushups. But, the 3 that are most common and easy to perform are Basic, Close Arms and Wide Arms each having different benefits. The close arm push up is used for increasing the strength of your triceps and the wide arm push up is used for the widening and strengthening of your chest.


So, now you know how to perform the perfect pushup. Remember, determination and practice is the key here. If you are determined and you work hard then you are not far away from performing 100 pushups. I myself do 100 pushups daily. So, keep practicing and do not let your goal get out of your sight and always keep your aim as high as you can.


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