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How to Lose 4 Pounds in Only 4 Days

I recently had a visit to the doctor and was kind of depressed to find out that I wore 193 pounds. For the most of the whole visit I was so depressed. So I had a little chat with my doctor and she told me that with exercise a few days in the week and cutting back on my carbs I could shed off those extra pound s easily and fast. So I took her advice.
After just 4 days of exercising and cutting back on carbs I lost 4 pounds which meant I probably lost a pound of day. So whatever theories you have heard about low carb theories I say it works! I saw results and it encouraged me to keep losing weight. Let me remind you, I didn’t completely stop eating carbs. There was a day or so I slipped up and ate some carbs for myabe dinner and lunch. What really help me was exercising.

The best fat burning exercisie is cardio. Cardio is active activities such as; walking, swimming, and running. Me personally I enjoy running and that really helps me to burn calories. When you run you burn twice as much fat as you would normally because your heart and body is moving at a very fast pace.

Then for maybe ten minutes I lift small 6- 8 weights, which helps tone my arms. You’ll even feel the results in one day, I know I do. Apart of my exercise routine is working my abs. I work out on my total gym I have, and do several crunches. This can help you burn fat and tone while losing 4 pounds in 4 days. It’s very simple and easy. The low carb diet lets you be able to eat some of your favorite foods. Because you can eat all the meat you want. Unlike other diets, it also allows you to go out to eat with your friends and not have to worry about packing on the few pounds.

I really like the low carb diet because you don’t feel the deprived or always hungry on it. You lose weight fast and effectively. It requires no extra hardwork or effort on your part. But all you need on your part is a little confidence and will power. With that you will surely succeed.


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