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How to Burn More Calories During Your Lifting Workout Routine

If you have limited time to exercise, but still want to firm and tone your body and burn fat at the same time, a resistance or lifting workout routine can provide significant benefits. Although aerobic exercise is important for toning the heart, it won’t shape your body or sculpt your muscles as well as lifting workouts will. One way to get the benefits of increased fat burning while shaping muscle is to boost your heart rate during your lifting workout routine. This will allow you to tone muscles while simultaneously burning more calories and fat. Here are some ways to pump up the calorie and fat burn during your lifting workouts.
Reduce the time between sets

When you do your lifting workout routine, instead of taking a leisurely break between sets, move as quickly as possible into the next set. Try to keep the rest period between sets to less than a minute. This technique will not only burn more calories, it will also boost strength by fatiguing your muscles more quickly and efficiently.

Focus on larger muscle groups

You’ll burn more calories during your lifting workouts if you focus on large, lower body muscles by performing sets of lunges and squats. Don’t neglect the upper body but if you’re in calorie burning mode, focus on those lower body muscles and minimize rest periods between sets.

Incorporate lifting with interval training

The most effective way to boost calories burn during a lifting workout routine is to alternate lifting with short bursts of cardio. For example, do a set of biceps curls followed by three minutes of jumping jacks or jump roping. Move to the next set and, again, follow up with a three minutes of cardio. Continue alternating back and forth until you finish your routine. It makes the routine more challenging, but you’ll burn up to three times more calories as you would lifting alone.

Combine upper and lower body moves.

This is another effective way to boost the fat and calorie burn. Do a biceps curl holding weights while you’re doing alternating lower body lunges. Combine each upper body move with a simultaneous lower body move to add to the intensity of your workout and make it more interesting. You’ll accomplish more in a shorter period of time using this technique.

The next time you do your lifting workout routine use these techniques to increase the fat and calorie burn. Remember to keep moving as much as possible between sets. The additional calories you’ll burn with each workout will add up over time if you’re consistent and you’ll see significant changes to your body.


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