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How to Lose Weight with Dance Aerobics

Okay, enough of that boring aerobic workout. Long gone are the days of the boring and monotonous Jane Fonda type aerobic exercise routines. Why...

How to Keep Working Out Without Burning Out

Starting a workout regiment and joining a gym is a sound plan for losing weight or getting fit, but going to the gym every...

The Cause of Sore Muscles

It is a common human complaint their muscles, joints and connective tissues ache as you age. Why? As we grow older, our muscles lose...

How to Perform Perfect Pushups

Performing push-ups is a very beneficial exercise. It not only strengthens your body including your abs, shoulders, chest and triceps but it also makes...

How to Burn More Calories During Your Lifting Workout Routine

If you have limited time to exercise, but still want to firm and tone your body and burn fat at the same time, a...

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

Most workout enthusiasts have the same goal in mind: lose fat, gain muscle. With each step on the treadmill and each pump of iron,...

How to Lose 4 Pounds in Only 4 Days

I recently had a visit to the doctor and was kind of depressed to find out that I wore 193 pounds. For the most...

How to Do an Abdominal Workout Safely and Effectively

Sit ups are the tried and true method to help achieve solid abdominals. You don't need to buy yourself any fancy contraption that will...

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